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  • Working fix for cortana/ searchui.exe.

    Re install, Fix or Repair Cortana

    Windows 10 introduced Cortana, a virtual assistant that, if connected to the internet can of course, be a good timepass solution. Cortana records what you say and uploads it to microsoft's servers. After that a program processes your voice. The uploaded audio goes through several layers of processing and is converted into text. If what you had said to Cortana was a question, she will search it on Bing and show answers to you.

    Also a stylish search bar comes pre installed in Windows 10. It is fitted into taskbar. The reason why Microsoft brought a stupid robot and a non customisable hard and fast boring seach bar is just to promote its ignorant search engine Bing.

    But the system that helps you to search programs and files on your computer system also conducts searches using Bing and is the soul of the scary naked witch cortana.

    Yesterday one of my Friend texted me saying that he was following an online tutorial to disable idiotic robot cortana but in the process, he damaged the search feature too. He deleted SearchUI.exe and spent hours trying to download SearchUI.exe. If you have mistakely deleted cortana, I will help you reinstall cortana and fix the missing cortana files.

    Hey guys, if you have come to the11hacker before, you must have known that I write dont like wasting time of readers. So let's jump into the main content. You will be able to download and fix searchui.exe stopped working, reinstall cortana search windows 10 without powershell or any other difficult methods.

    1. Download SearchUI.exe

    If you have deleted the file or if you have SearchUI.exe missing, download it here:
    You have to extract the zip and copy and paste the file to this folder 
    If you have successfully pasted SearchUI.exe in its folder then restart your computer.
    Your problem must have been fixed.

    2. Download and re install cortana completely.

    Actually, you need not download anything. Just go wash your face an come back because if you are sleepy and miss any step then you might end up installing Dracula instead of Cortana. Just kidding.

    Examine Windows For Damaged System Files Using the SFC /Scannow Command 

    1. Press windows Key + X to raise up a menu > click Command Prompt (Admin) to launch command prompt with administrator privilleges.

    2. In the scary black window type "SFC /Scannow" without quotes and hit enter. After that cortana will try to bite you so make sure you leave the room before she leaves the grave. Chill, I am joking.

    3. Now a process will start and collect list of missing files and fix them automatically. 
    Go order coffee and read some of my other awesome posts till then. Maybe how to create viruses/ how to hack facebook/ how to steal passwords with a usb interests you.

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