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  • Migme (Mig33) 100% Free 24/7 bot service and Source Code

    Grab the free copy of mig33 foursevenone bot

    You all might have noticed that MigMe (Mig33) bot can not be made 24 hours online using visual basic (VB6), C, C++, or HTML. And the bots cost a lot of money and if you want to create your own (mig33) bot, here is the source code for the best and only open source migbot for FREE.

    The script is the the secret key of your golden treasure. I have left using mig33 and here is the source of my full php bot. If you dont know what PHP really is or have never ever created a website, you need not worry. It very simple. You have create an account at any free hosting sites like 000webhost and upload the zip file I am providing there and extract it.
    After that your supplied IDs will be online 24/7. 

    What does this script really do?

    1) Login with your ID/username and password to (formerly and just make your id online at
    2) Make your id stay logged in and online forever "foursevenone".
    3) Your id should be online 24/7(or as long as your hosting server is online).
    4) Your id should be online even when you are not in your script, site, or MIG.ME.
    5) Your id should be online using some script, php or what ever, cronjobs or any cpanel supported server sided thing.
    6) Online mig33 24/7 ID bot that means, now u can get incremented levels 90% more faster than ever on your id and get more gifts by unlimited room parking ;)

    Important Notes

    1) If you get open_basedir restriction error. It means your hosting provider has limited the way my script accesses the required components.

    2) If you get HTTP 500 error, then it means the script exceeded the maximum CPU usage and you ran it more than once.

    3) If you are able to improve it further, you might be able to setup the next amazing bot and earn some bucks. Make sure to provide the link to this article.

    Download the script
    Download the script from here.
    You have to extract it and upload to 000webhost (recommended)/ 1freehosting/ 2freehosting/ hosting24. Then you have enter your ids and passwords in that script and visit your bot website.

    Then visit this link
    to run the bot. Enjoy 24/7 luxury bot service for free. If you have any problems, comment down and I will help you fix everything.


    1. bro add me in my facebook

    2. First 10 id are online but not others.

    3. All id com online, you have to run again.

    4. what is password? i need to enter password to open zip file.

      1. password :


        dear can you help me ..How do I run a bot migme ?

        plllllllleasss plllz

    5. How do I run a bot migme ?

      how do edit my id ?

      please help mee

      1. Upload all the files to your server. And type the index page url in your browser's address bar and hit enter.

    6. hi link doesnt work anymore plz update it