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    "The 11 Hacker" is a site started to introduce people to the security threats, help them remove malwares and teach them different tricks. It is the best destination for newbies and script kiddies who are interested to learn Penetration Testing because we help you with simplified and authortative tutorials with all possible screen captures to make the concepts vivid. Me or the other content submitters are in no way encouraging hacking but helping people understand the concepts of hacking. The name "The 11 Hacker" is actually kept because I had jumped into hacking at the age of 11. We have given attention on logically satisfying the visitors rather than just step by step instructing them to follow the written steps to get their work done. We are providing you not only articles related to hacking or security but also on other general topics which have become demands of today's learners. Though posting frequency of articles might be less but we assure you the genuine articles. We request you to stay in touch with us and write articles for us if you feel yourself capable. Your suggestions are always welcome to improve this site.
    Remember: Know Hacking but No Hacking.

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