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  • Truth about file sharing sites and surveys! {UNMASKED}

    Does completing survey unlock files? How can I know which downloads are fake and malicious?

    Hello friends. Today I am going to reveal truth about some file sharing websites that share Malware rather than documents. They seem like genuine file sharing destinations and offer trojans and adware under names like: "Your_file.exe", "setup.exe" "illivid_29130.exe" or whatever other distinct or irregular names! They frequently protect fake files and documents with surveys.

    How to Recognize and prevent fake downloads!

    1. Have a look at the browser's address bar

      2. Once you find such syntax in the address bar, you can alter a few values such as change name to something else like game13 and modify the size to 3MB.

      Truth about file sharing sites and surveys! {UNMASKED}

      3. Now, on hitting enter, you will find something amazing and unbelievable! The download is still available under the name game13 and size of file is 3 MB. Everything looks like genuine and you download will start with a name like “setup-game13.exe” which is absolutely fake!

      Using this technique you can easily bypass these fake and survey protected files and Malware.

      Note: This problem usually occurs while downloading cracks, keygens and pirated software. These files are offered by websites which offer warez mostly.

      A few live examples;

      That's how you can prevent being infected with malware, keyloggers, adware and other infections.

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