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  • vodasms scam test analysis

    Analysis for

    Hey friends! I have seen some people posting the invite links (referral links) to So, I have thought to check whether is legit or not.

    Is 1mcash fake? Is 1mcash safe? Is 1mcash legal? Is 1mcash legit? Continue Reading>>

    First, I have tested it for viruses to ensure is fake or not from security point of view.

    I also did a personal analysis by running bots to get files from the website, analysed its directory tree and the system and found it virus-free.

    With the help of automated robots, we made successful referrals and got huge amount of active signups but the truth was different.

    The truth:

    • is fake.
    • Vodacash is a fake company. Vodasms doesn't exist.
    • will not pay you anything but just waste your time.
    • is unsafe to visit and work as they might at some time hijack your browser and computer to steal your bandwidth and hack your computer.
    • might infect you with viruses and bloatware in future because they are scammers.
    • will show you unnessary errors and reasons and not pay you the money you earned!
    So friends, I warn you not to waste time and money on

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