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  • List of web platforms for sharing and pasting text online

    List of some of the most used online text sharing tools and websites

    A text sharing platform is an online utility tool/ web application that lets people and programs share plain text, configurations, codes, necessary links, etc online. 

    Before I begin preparing the list, it is important that I point out that was first of its kind (text pasting and sharing website) to introduce online text sharing service on a pretty unavoidable scale.

    So let us begin with the list. This list will consist of a lot of online text pasting tools but not all. However, I will always be updating this list for new ones.

    1. : Pastebin is a widely used text, code sharing platform which can also be used by developers via API. Pastebin's API documentation can be found here:
    2. : justpaste doesn't only allow text sharing but it allows sharing of images as well which if used nicely can be utilized to share text as if it were a blog.
    3. : is an easy to use text sharing platform. It has a very distinct design and comes with a text expiry feature as well.
    4. : is a website where you can copy, paste or transfer any type of text to another device online over ip. It also provides a code for use if your IP has changed.
    5. : allows live sharing of the shared text and the share code is of only 4 characters. 
    6. : is an encrypted text and code sharing platform. It also has comments to discuss about the shared text and password feature for an extra lock over shared text.
    7. : is a free online notepad like text sharing platform with syntax highlighting, auto expiry and password features.
    8. : just like its name is a plain text sharing platform that allows you to copy and paste text without formatting. You can convert your clipboard content to plain text without formatting by pasting your text below, and then copy the plain text to your clipboard.
    9. : is a platform with text formatting, syntax highlighting and paste expiry option.
    10. : is a text sharing platform that allows you to share your private text anonymously by pasting your private note into the sharing window and entering a password or generating a note without a password.

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