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  • Top 7 Best Team Chat Apps

     Especially with the rise of cutting-edge messaging apps, SMS texting has become outdated. There are apps designed specifically for business communication in the workplace, as well as those designed specifically for personal communication.

    We are all well-aware of the value of open lines of communication and teamwork in the workplace. You may save a lot of time and effort with the appropriate team chat software by streamlining your communication.

    Even while team chat apps aren't the "new big thing" on the market, they're crucial in facilitating effective collaboration and fresh ideas. Team chat applications are becoming a way of life, not only a means of facilitating efficient communication within a group or finding previously discussed material.


    Using Chanty, your team will be able to interact and work together more quickly and easily because to its user-friendly interface. With Chanty, you can do everything from chatting to making phone calls to sharing your screen. Messages can be converted into tasks, allowing for a minimal amount of project management in addition to the communication benefits. Integrating with popular cloud storage and collaboration platforms like Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, and Github is a plus. The Teambook is our go-to since it consolidates your email, address book, and to-do list into one convenient location.

    Among its many notable features are: unlimited message history in the free plan; unlimited access to audio and video chat; threaded messaging; a centralised location for all of your files; and Teambook.

    Troop Messenger

    Troop Messenger is a great way to get your team communicating. Work together and communicate with one another in a unified interface that supports video and audio calls, screen sharing, audio messaging, forkout, group chats, and more. Some of the most well-designed features for maximising user satisfaction involve letting users share files, examine previews of files, filter content, and create favourites. Troop Messenger is a messaging app that allows teams to easily share and collaborate on ideas, tasks, and projects.


    Pumble is a software program designed for teams to utilise in order to stay in constant contact with one another, increase productivity within the group, and decrease the amount of time spent on unnecessary emails. Direct messages, channels, and guest access are just some of the ways that Pumble facilitates real-time interaction between team members and outsiders alike.


    You may keep your chats organised with the thread feature.
    Sticking important messages to the board or saving them for later
    Do Not Putting in place a do-not-disrupt mode can help boost productivity and establish healthy personal and professional boundaries.
    Solutions for a wide range of businesses and organisations, including those with distributed or virtual teams
    The ability to do a search across all of your direct messages and channels to locate certain messages or files
    The @mention function in IRC channels is used to alert certain users of potentially crucial communications.


    Spike transforms the email inbox you already have into a potent tool for increasing your productivity. Because it integrates with your existing email, you won't have to move your work or team to a different chat or project management platform until you absolutely have to. Spike is an all-in-one programme that brings together several productivity tools, such as tasks, to-do lists, collaborative notes, calendar, video meetings and voice conversations, email/chat, groups, and more, into a single location and makes them accessible across multiple platforms. Because of this, switching between apps is no longer necessary.


    Connecteam is a comprehensive company and team communication platform that also helps with personnel management. All of your communication needs, whether public or private, as well as instantaneous updates and social network postings, may be met by a single app.


    Create a chat for a specific office, work-related task, or group of people with only a few clicks.
    Changes - Whether or not you choose to include social features like comments and likes, you can instantly update all relevant employees on any topic and see exactly who has viewed your message. Updates make employee involvement easy and enjoyable, whether you're sharing company news, setting weekly goals, sending a quick message, or celebrating a birthday.
    Index of Staff
    Continuous feedback gathering using surveys
    The Human Resources Suggestion Box
    Data mining and routines


    Rocket.Chat is a communication platform for teams that was made available as open source in 2015. It enables you to interact and cooperate with the members of your team, as well as swap between voice and video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time chatting. Additionally, it enables you to modify the tool and add new functions in accordance with the specifics of your requirements and desires.

    The members of the team are able to hold a conversation about any subject, including the work being done on any given project and any files that may be linked to that project, either in real time or asynchronously. Notify immediately those who need to be informed by mentioning their usernames after the @ symbol. A function that instantaneously and automatically translates messages. Putting a cap on user names and making the administrator's activities more transparent.

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