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  • Remove Adware and Malware - Dont Hijack This [Open Source]

    Dont Hijack This - Remove any virus infection in 30 seconds

    Did you just infect your computer? Were you browsing adult repositories or trying to find serial/keygen/crack for your favorite program? Or did you just click the wrong download button and download a malware instead?

    There are hundreds of ways you can get an adware/malware infection today even after installing an antivirus, updating your operating system regularly, scanning your pen drives/removable media with virus scanner before use. Antiviruses are meant to but can not block each and every piece of malware automatically. Every time, a new malware is created by a hacker, it remains undetected and infects thousands and sometimes millions of computers before your favorite antivirus knowing!

    All this can happen for a month or even within a night. Your antivirus will only be able to block a new virus after becoming old. So you are always at risk of being infected by the new generation of smart-ass malware.
    DHT is free forever. We need your smile not your money!



    1) Download Dont Hijack This from SourceForge or InstalUJ.
    2) Check all items and click Continue.
    3) Done! Enjoy a fixed computer.
    4) Dont forget to save DHT to a safe location on your computer/ usb drive so that you can fix your /your friends computer later.

    Important: Newer version of DHT is coming as Anti Hacker. Also, DHT authors are releasing free version competitor of top class PC Optimization software which will be 100% free.
    It will be having the following features:
    Junk and Clutter scan, Performance Issues scan, Internet booster, Anti-Malware, Vulnerbility scan, Privacy scan, System Errors scan, Registry scan, Startup Optimization, Disk Fragmentation scan, Game Mode, 1-click boost and hundreds of cool features for FREE! To make sure you get this cool software for free fill the below form.

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