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  • Goibibo gocash scam test analysis. Is it fake?

    Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.

    Hey friends! I have seen some people posting the invite links (referral links) to goibibo app. So, I have thought to check whether goibibo offer is legit or fake.

    You received a message saying "You have Rs.2000 in your goCash wallet. Download the goibibo app or sign up to claim and save on your travel bookings."

    You might have the following questions in your mind as Rs. 2000 is not a small amount and no company would give that to you without any conditions. Is goibibo fake? Is goibibo safe? Is goibibo legal? Is goibibo legit?

     Is goibibo scam? Is Gocash fake? Continue Reading>>
    Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.

    The Promises:

    Many of my friends suddenly started to invite their contacts to goibibo. It promises to give 1000 to you for inviting your contacts. And it gives 3000 to the contacts who are invited by you.
    With the help of some of my friends, we made successful referrals and got huge amount of active signups but the truth was different. By now I have Rs. 16,000. in my goibibo account.

    The truth:

    • The goibibo gocash promises are fake.
    • Gocash is a fake offer.
    • Goibibo gocash will not pay you as promised but just waste your time.
    • Goibibo gocash might use your number, contacts and various connected information for advertising and sending sms offers to you!

    So friends, I warn you not to waste time and on goibibo gocash. If you try to purchase any train, they will let you use maximim Rs.40 during payment. If you try to book any hotel, they let you use 200-300 gocash credits, which is a business advertising campaign scam. If you book any hotel on makemytrip, without any gocash credits, you get same hotel for Rs. 2000 but Goibibo sells it for 2500 then gives 200 as discount.

    Public complaints of Goibibo gocash and gocash plus [scam]:

    Kiran Kumar:

    Yes, I agree. So far, I was utilizing the goCash for hotel and bus booking. But when I tried to book air tickets, it is allowing me to redeem just 1% of the transaction amount. When I contacted the support team as well as management team, they are saying that as per TnCs, the airline will control the usage of goCash. I don't understand why airline comes into the picture? Does it make sense?


    Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.I got a message stating that 10% cashback while booking domestic flights. I booked my 4 flight tickets from chennai to Delhi. Instantly I received 1300 cashback in the name of GOCASH. Today when I try to book my return 4 flight tickets I couldn't utilize my total cashback amount 1300, instead it gives only 133rs off, stating that 1% money could utilize from our cashback amount while booking domestic flights. Fake fake fake. we couldn't raise any service request if we met any issues. Please find attachments. Goibibo is cheating in the name of gocash.

    Eva Rao:

    Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.The company provides a promotional offer like cash back where they give discount in terms of gocash which you can use in furture bookings, you can also earn same through referrals... Ideally they should project as normal cash for there product. However need to get to notice of as many people as possible the charting goibibo does on the name of gocash. Today morning i was booking a hotel which came at rs 11115. It states i can pay up to 20% by gocash. I arranged gocash through referral and tried booking it again. Even after using 2600 gocash amout was coming same 11115. Apparently they deducted gocash from normal goibibo discount.. They are cheating on customers through trade technique. I asked my friend to book she had 500 gocash again same price. The point is they are doing misleading cashback promotion. No matter if u have go cash or u don't have or how much you have. Price would remain same... I am attaching two screen shot of same booking same time
    There policy states that you can opt to get refund in terms of go cash which you can immediately use for new booking so if i booked a hotel and paid in my money 2500 rs and than get that back in go cash. I check on a hotel without signing in its discounted cost is 11000 rs and i ask my fried to try booking at same time she has 500 rs and again she gets it in 11000 rs and again i have signed in with 2500 rs still hotel is costing me 11000 rs so gibibo by there false promotion are stealing 2500 rs. This is what is your policy. 

    I have written multiple mails to them they keep saying read our policy, discount changes, I understand discount change but this misleading and stealing ...don't offer if you cant afford why steal .. not expected from big group who vows on being constructive participant in India growth want steel and stoop at this level... don't offer cash back if you cant afford it.
    Analysis for goibibo gocash wallet invite code scam.
    It is not about particular booking obviously after seeing ur cheating we didn't complete this booking but point is ... 1.gocash is cashback offered .2. It should be as good as cash in my bank only diffrence I can use it in goibibo only 3.i understand the cap that we can use only 20 percent of total booking amount . However other discount offers should be independent of it as you also offer to give refunds as gocash.4. It doesn't happen like that as if hotel hotel price on your site is actual price - goibibo discount it should be actual price - goibibo discount - gocash ... however both equation remain same as u adjust gocash from goibibo discount.