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  • Farewell Crondash - Free Cron jobs site

    Online Browser Based Cron Job Service

    I mean aren't you familiar with this site? . Yes you do because every time you need to set up a cron job you visited this awesome site.

    Some elaboration: 

    Crondash is an awesome cron jobs service which in clear terms means that it is a service using which you can schedule your scripts and programs written in php, asp, python, perl, ruby and all other major and minor programming languages to run automatically in specified intervals. These intervals can be set so flexibly that you can schedule your scripts to run every minute to once in a month.

    You might wonder, what can scheduling help you to do? Just imagine, you have made a beautiful website, spent sweat and cash getting it onto the top of search engines, written demanding content and then your site gets hacked!
    I am not telling that crondash is a utility to protect your website against hacks but crondash can help you to build a service which can backup your website's files and database automatically on hourly basis. After being hacked, you could come back within minutes - unhurt and stable. So, ready to sign up on crondash?

    But unfortunately you no longer can: registrations have been disabled and the site is shutting down soon too.

    Important News: Unfortunately Crondash will be shutting down on 1 February 2017. Please take the time to migrate your cron jobs to other web cron services prior to that date. It's been a great run but unfortunately there are not enough resources to keep this service running. Thanks for everything.
    Crondash is the FREE, simple and easy to use online cron scheduling service, all inside your browser. Perfect for password protected HTTP or HTTPS endpoints with timeout requirements between 30 seconds and 45 minutes. You get 400 runs per day.
    The easy to use crontab maker lets you easily create and schedule cron jobs with just a browser and nothing else. Fill in a form, press save and it's scheduled. Works with any script on the server whether it's written in PHP, C#, Java, etc.
    The long timeout we offer is a great advantage for backups and other long running scripts. Furthermore, the app stores recent HTTP responses and can send an email to you on an error, so you know when something with your cron job goes wrong.
    To contact Crondash please use the contact form or drop a message on Twitter.
    For those crondash lovers who aren't aware of this news will be in a dilema after knowing that the free cron job website is going to shut on 1 February 2017. It has already started to declare its farewell. Hope it will have a good amount donated by its users. Farewell crondash, I have already started missing you.

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