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  • Migme (Mig33) updated tricks and tips collection 2017

    Mig33 amazing tips and tricks! (mig me tricks and hacks)

    Hey guys! Here is the updated migme tricks tips and hacks collection. In other words it a pudding of all the three stuff. This post can be used as a guide, a cookbook or a weapon in the mig world. For instance, you can show off to public and shock the world with the rapid increase in your mig level. All the tricks have been checked in 2017 and are found to be 100% working. Even, we have an other post on the11hacker teaching people how to make free 24/7 bot service with php source code.

    So, lets dive into the river of fun.
    1. 2 votes from 1 id
    1. Start a kick and leave the room. Go to mig33 main menu and take exit. Press back bottom before you get exit. Take quick action now you wil be server lost and you wil be directed to login menu. Just reenter in to room wil taken as you never left the room previously. So you will be in the backroom. Now give your second vote. You need to be fast
    1. Block yourself from adding others
    1. You can block yourself from adding others ids
    1. 1.Login your mig33 id,
    1. 2.Send request to your id from another id
    1. 3.Go go your id and reject it
    1. 4.Send more invites from others id to your id and reject again all id
    1. 5.maximum do this 15 times
    1. 6.Your id auto block to take a add request
    1. Create magic room and make fun
    1. Whats da magic room? how to create that?See below
    1. 1. In Magic room room u can kick user but really user will not be kicked,
    1. 2. enter unlimited ids in room but in real no id enter the room , u can check it by go to user list.
    1. How to create a magic room? Yeah its so easy and so funny
    1. 1. Create a new chat room , and then register a new mig33 id in the name of room, then type msgs to kick users and wonder them by your new registered id. Example:
    1. -Simply if u create a room 'kai-ri' then make a id by this name
    1. -Convert the room from your id to 'kai-ri' mig33 id.
    1. -Always make this id invisible and enter the room and Dont chat by this id.
    1. -Type Username has been kicked by yourname.
    1. Like:
    1. Type 'google' has been kicked by the 'chorme', but in real 'google' id in will be in the room.
    1. - Now type 'google' has left but in real 'google' id in room. Make wonder and fool the users, I think its a nice tricks and so funny so check it and enjoy. 
    1. Creating Fake snaps
    1. 1)Open 2 ids in mobile/emulators.
    1. 2)Add 2nd id to the 1st id(For example your one id is 'google' and other id is 'chrome').
    1. 3)Go to main menu and view the details of your second id 'chorme' from your first id 'google'
    1. 4)Change the display name and mig33e username of second id 'chrome' from 1st id 'google'
    1. 5)Type the display and username of which you want to make fake snaps(example you change the display & mig33 username of 'chrome' to 'mozilla'
    1. 6)Now private the second id from your 1st id & send him a private message.You wil see instead of 'chrome' the display name wil be 'mozilla"
    1. 7)Now write anything.
    1. 8)Take a snap if you want to do more wit the snaps ,you can send it to other.They cant select it by saying its fake.. 
    1. Some tips which makes your mig level high faster
    1. 1.Stay connect with Mig33.(8 hours/day)
    1. 2.Use 3usd at each week as gift/emotions/avatar.
    1. 3.Mostly chat in private as much as you can.
    1. 4.Recieve 100 gifts/mig level.
    1. 5.Post on your comments on wall/groups/avatar.
    1. 6.Join alot of rooms in one time.
    1. 7.Play games in games chatrooms.
    1. 8.if you do these activities you will get your next level with in 6 days.
    1. 9.If you have any problem with your migLevel you have to mail. 
    1. Terms for Apply Admin
    1. #New terms for apply admin in mig33:
    1. 1.The user must not Have a history of abusing mig33
    1. 2.Transacted a fraudulent credit card in mig33
    1. 3.Be affiliate with a ring of users in mig33 that steal money
    1. 4.Have a bad behavior track record in mig33 that cannot be rectified
    1. 5.Be affiliated with a competitor company
    1. 6.A user already banned in the system User
    1. 7.must be with mig33 for more than 6 months After approval of an admin: The new administrator may have a new mig33
    1. #Administrator account created by a Mig33 team. The admin must do the following:
    1. Login at least three times a week to monitor mig33 for at least three (3) hours in a chat room/s.
    1. 1.Warn of bad behavior to a user and if the user does not cooperate, the admin can ban.
    1. 2.Keep a professional and relatively friendly manner
    1. #An Administrator may be demoted if any of the following rules is broken:
    1. 1.Ban users recklessly or without reason Spread profanity in chat rooms
    1. 2.Encourage bad behavior in chat rooms
    1. 3.User is biased in chat rooms. 
    1. Protect your Mig33 ID From being hacked
    1. Now a days admins, merchants and normal users ids are hacking in mig33.
    1. Here are some tips to protect your mig33 id from hacking.
    1. • Your main id should be on number which is always open and the number is on your own name.
    1. • Your password should not be so small it must be strong and use both alphabet and digits in your password.
    1. • Mig33 will never ask for your password so don’t give any one your password
    1. • Be aware of mig33 fake sites created by peoples to hack your password. Remember only ( ; & these three are mig33 official sites for logging. Don’t login into mig33from third party website.
    1. • Never give your mobile to person some one whom you don’t trust Because id’s password can be found from mobile also. 
    1. Save your mig33 profile pictures in your phone
    1. You can save your mig33 profile picture by your mobile, simply follow this
    1. 1. 1st login your mig33 account from opera mini web browser ,
    1. 2.set this picture as your profile picture,
    1. 3. And now simpaly download it from opera mini
    1. 4. Perss menu>tools>page info>download pictures
    1. 5.then you can see every picture who was in photos page
    1. 5.chose the picture that you want download
    1. 6.then you see photos size , if you want to download by orignal size then click on that
    1. 7. Your browser start to download picture, after download save it your phone and enjoy 
    1. Trick to stop BOT
    1. Now a days we feel so bored from bot specially when we need to talk something important. But cant see text in the room due to large text of BOT. This is more true in case of special room such as pc loves 2 play room. In this situation to keep away from disguisting bot, just do it.. MENU>>PRIVATE CHAT>>ENTER USERNAME>>Type the bot name that is running. >>BLOCK AND MUTE USERS.. Now enjoy bot free chatting. 
    1. Unregister your mig33 ID
    1. This is very nice and cool mig33 trick. There`s a way to unregister your number, but the id shouldnt be an active one. Unregister instructions. [*] login with your mig33 id (this id shouldnot be an active one) when you login you wil be prompted to choose one of three options (i.e ENTER CODE,RE-SEND CODE and REMIND ME LATER)... Choose RESEND option.. Enter any other phone number in the text box provided. You can enter any imaginary number too. Click SEND.... Finish. Your number is free. Note: you cannot unregister an activated ID once you register a nick,you cant register another ID onto the same number without this trick.. 
    1. Make Fool your friend by sending a free fake gifts Simpaly do this
    1. Type /me and give a space then use symbol "<<" and then type "gave a" and then gift name and then "to" then target id then ">>" this symbol.
    1. Example: /me << gave a big kiss to chrome >>
    1. Use this trick and enjoy it
    1. 24/7 online id bot always online mig me mig33 server
    1. Hack any mig me mig33 id without pc mobile easy